【新客限定】Modelage 養生減壓全身按摩

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新客戶按摩可享首10分鐘免費體驗優惠,其後低至半價試做 $400 (60分鐘)

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Modelage 誠摯讓您享受個人化舒緩身心的旅程,在柔和的音樂下,加上深具療效的有機香薰精油護理,有效釋放深層壓力。透過輕柔至中度力度量的按壓手法,配合獨特的芳香精油,舒緩緊張情緒。

Modelage offers a uniquely personalised experience with luxury in mind. Our exquisite signature treatments are delivered by a highly-trained therapist to help balance and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

人氣按摩師 Grace🔆

🎖️連續10年在香港深灣遊艇俱樂部長期FULLY BOOKED 按摩師 FULLY BOOKED masseuse at HK Aberdeen Marina Club for 10 consecutive years

🎖️正宗印尼巴厘Bali International Spa Academy 認證收腹紮肚治療師 Authentic Indonesian Bali International Spa Academy certified tummy binding therapist

🎖️英國 Frederique 認證香薰按摩冶療師 British Frederique certified aromatherapy massage therapist

🎖️英國 Frederique 認證瑞典式按摩按摩冶療師 British Frederique Certified Swedish Massage Therapist

🎖️英國 Frederique 法式臉部按摩師 British Frederique French facial masseur


A powerful tailor-made full-body massage to address your complete or targeted well-being concerns. Grace will create a bespoke previous oil fusion and design a massage routine incorporating various techniques based on her profound performance and benefits to suit your exact needs to either relax and soothe muscle tensions or boost your mood.

新客戶按摩可享首10分鐘免費體驗優惠,其後低至半價試做 $400 (60分鐘)

New customers can enjoy the first 10 minutes of complimentary massage, and as low as half price $400 for the next 60min


———— 按摩優惠係期間限定!Offer is limited time only ! ———— 

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